Charlie's Soap Indoor/Outdoor Surface Cleaner 3.8 Litres

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This naturally-derived Indoor & Outdoor Surface Cleaner formula was Charlie’s first cleaning invention. It was meant to rid textile looms of the grease and yarn left behind after a full days work. It elegantly surpassed expectations. Not only did it clean effectively without harsh chemicals, but workers also didn’t need gloves to use it!

That’s because its ingredients, then and now, are non-toxic. Even with extreme, almost unbelievable cleaning power, our formula is biodegradable. This means that it’s safer to use than most strong, concentrated cleaners and safer for the environment, too.

Suggested Use

Charlie's Soap Indoor & Outdoor Surface Cleaner can be used on most anything outdoors including cars, driveways, walls, engines, grills and more. Indoors use it to clean mildew, carpets, walls, surfaces or even dirty dogs. Mixes well in the reservoirs of outdoor power washers as well as indoor carpet cleaners.

It’s formulated to gently remove grease and grime, not blast it off. Because it’s concentrated, a little goes a long way for most jobs. Spray it on, give a bit of time on the surface, scrub as needed, then rinse thoroughly.

Environmentally Safe Natural Indoor& Outdoor Surface Cleaner 3.8L Product Details
  • SAFE, HYPOALLERGENIC – Non-toxic to you and the environment and biodegradable. No abrasives, bleach or harsh chemicals that harm skin. Safely use on any washable surface.
  • LET IT DO ITS THING – This cleaner isn’t meant to harshly blast off dirt and soils in ways that might damage a surface. The more effective process is to spray it on and let it sit for 30 minutes or more, even to the point of drying. Then scrub as necessary, and rinse thoroughly.
Ingredients:  Water; Alcohols, C12-16, ethoxylated (nature-based surfactant, 68551-12-2), Alcohols, C10-14, ethoxylated (nature based surfactant, 66455-15-0); Sodium Carbonate (washing soda)

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