Charlie's Soap Laundry Liquid - 160 Loads

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Charlie’s Soap makes cleaners and detergents that are safe for the environment and safe for your skin. Our made from natural materials Laundry Liquid is created from non-toxic ingredients and utilizes hypoallergenic formulas meaning that Charlie’s Soap detergents will not harm the environment or your body.

Charlie’s Soap Natural Laundry Liquid 3.8L  is concentrated cleaning. You’ll be able to wash up to 160 loads of laundry – equalling out to just pennies per wash.

 Suggested Use

Everything from your delicates to your synthetic athletic gear will wash safely with Charlie’s Soap environmentally friendlyplant-derived Laundry Liquid. Charlie’s Soap is delicate on fabrics but strong enough to wash the dirtiest of clothes. 

 Natural Laundry Liquid 160 Loads Product Details

  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE – Charlie’s work on everything in your laundry, even high-tech fabrics, and delicates. It will wash away odors, stains, and residue from previous detergents
  • RINSES CLEAN – Charlie’s cleans all the way to the fiber, leaving residue-free fabric that is clean, soft, and fresh smelling
  • HYPOALLERGENIC – No fragrance in our formula, which is ideal for those with sensitive skin. You won’t find brighteners, perfumes, dyes, or phosphates.
  • BIODEGRADABLE – Its non-toxic ingredients are safer for a septic tank and the rest of our environment. 

Ingredients: Water (7732-18-5); C12-16 Pareth-9 (68551-12-2); C10-14 Alcohol Ethoxylates (66455-15-0); Sodium Carbonate (497-19-8)

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