Charlie’s Soap Dryer Balls

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Reusable, high-quality, long-lasting: Charlie’s Soap Dryer Balls are made to reduce your dry time, energy bill, and carbon footprint.

Our dryer balls are made to last with high-quality heat-resistant material. By improving circulation, our dryer balls speed up the drying process, shortening your dry cycle and reducing your energy bill. Safe for sensitive skin and vegan-friendly while helping both you and the environment? Check, check, and check.


Easy-to-use. Simply add the dryer balls to your dryer before starting the next laundry load.

Efficient. Clothes dry up to 25% faster.

Safe for sensitive skin. Our dryer balls are hypoallergenic—perfect for sensitive skin.

Reusable. Long-lasting dryer balls help you save money and reduce waste.

Sustainable. Vegan-friendly and fragrance-free, our dryer balls are sustainably made.


2 Charlie’s Soap long-lasting dryer balls. 


During a regular drying cycle, your clothes build up a lot of static cling. Yet single-use options like dryer sheets come with lots of waste. The solution? Laundry dryer balls are an eco-friendly alternative. At Charlie’s Soap, we know that long-lasting = less waste. That’s why we’ve developed dryer balls that can stand the test of time. A single Charlie’s Soap dryer ball can last years through thousands of laundry loads.

At Charlie’s Soap, we’re all about increasing access to green living. Our dryer balls boost your dryer to cut down on energy spending. Clothes can dry up to 25% faster, which means a shorter dry time. Shorter dry times lower your energy bill.

Unlike regular plastic dryer balls, Charlie’s Soap dryer balls are vegan and environmentally safe. Like all of our laundry detergents, our dryer balls are made with no harmful chemicals or fillers. We’ve made sure our dryer balls embody sustainability, so they’re as green on the inside as they are on the outside.

While they’re protecting the planet, they’re also perfecting your laundry. Dryer balls act as an all-natural fabric softener that fluffs your laundry while reducing wrinkles. They leave no residue or lint behind.. Dryer balls are the perfect way to ditch your fabric softener—which can clog your washing machine and leave residue in your fabric’s fibers—while still getting those soft and fluffy bathroom towels.

It’s the eco-friendly static solution that reduces your carbon footprint, lasts long, and keeps laundry day short and sweet. Welcome to a win-win-win.


The magic behind dryer balls is in circulation. After you toss your dryer balls in with your laundry, they tumble around with your clothes, separating even the stickiest linens from each other. The dryer balls’ shape makes them perfect for this process. By separating drying clothes, dryer balls disrupt the static electricity that leads to cling. 

Charlie’s Soap dryer balls are made from a heat-resistant, long-lasting material that won’t shed, unlike alternatives such as wool dryer balls. Wool balls can sometimes leave bits and pieces of material behind, but Charlie’s Soap dryer balls come and go without a trace.


What makes dryer balls so much better than dryer sheets? Durability isn’t the only answer. It’s true that, unlike a dryer sheet, which lasts for a single dry cycle, dryer balls last for years. But Charlie’s Soap dryer balls are also unscented. While dryer sheets are loaded with harsh chemicals in an attempt to bottle up that laundry-fresh scent, our dryer balls are scent-free. Want extra-great-smelling laundry? Our dryer balls are designed so you can add natural scents, such as essential oils, without any of the interference from chemical perfumes and parabens. Win/win.

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