How to set eco-friendly lifestyle goals

January 03, 2022

How to set eco-friendly lifestyle goals

Deciding to have a more eco-friendly lifestyle is a fantastic New Year's commitment to make. Unfortunately, most people struggle to follow through with their resolutions. This often happens because they are setting vague and unrealistic goals. When it comes to sticking with your sustainable, eco-friendly resolutions, try the SMART way of goal setting! 


The SMART method is an acronym for an effective goal planning strategy. It stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. So instead of just saying, "I want to be more eco-friendly", you'll need to narrow it down to how you will achieve this.


As the acronym suggests, start by focusing on something specific. Let's say you want to use more eco-friendly products in your household. For example, your goal could be, "Switch to greener brands for all of my cleaning products by the end of next year." 


The next step is the make the goal measurable. By using the example above, you could decide to switch to an eco-friendly brand once your current one runs out. 


Is this goal achievable? Swapping out a cleaning product for an eco-friendly brand one at a time seems like a realistic goal, as long as it fits your budget.


Is your goal relevant? If you are trying to become more eco-friendly, then switching to green cleaning products is right on target. 


Lastly, it should be time-bound. If your goal is to "Switch to greener brands for all of my cleaning products by the end of next year," then you've given yourself a timeline to have your resolution completed. 


Hopefully, by using the SMART method, you'll be able to have success reaching your goals. 


Have a safe and happy year, everyone!

From Kim, Günther and Holly at Charlie's Soap Canada.

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