How To Get Your House Clean For The Holidays

December 04, 2020

How To Get Your House Clean For The Holidays

While big family gatherings are on the naughty list this year, the holidays will still go on! There always seems to be a huge list of things to get ready, including the cleaning! Although there won't be many guests visiting your home, it's still a good idea to get your house tidy and in the festive spirit!
Break your chores down into rooms, enlist your family and you'll have your cleaning tackled in no time!

And make sure you are using eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and biodegradable cleaning and laundry products!

Front Entrance
Wash windows
Wash baseboard and trim
Vacuum/sweep and mop floor
Vacuum mats
Organize the coats and winter gear in the front closet and remove any items that are no longer used
Neatly arrange the footwear on your shoe rack

Living Room
Vacuum/sweep and mop floor, especially behind and underneath furniture
Vacuum upholstery and rugs
Launder cushions
Wash baseboards and trim
Wash windows and curtains
Water Christmas Tree (only if you have a real one!)

Launder all bedding, curtains and pillows
Flip and deodorize mattresses
Organize closets and dressers and donate clothing that you no longer wear
Wipe down baseboards
Vacuum/sweep and mop floor
Wash windows

Wipe down shower and bathtub
Clean mirrors, sink and vanity
Organize medicine cabinet and purge items that have expired
Clean toilet
Wash towels, bathmats and shower curtains
Replenish soaps and other toiletries
Vacuum/sweep and mop floor
Wash windows

Clean out the fridge and toss expired items
Wipe down appliances and cupboards
Clean the inside of the oven
Rinse out sinks and unclog drains
Wash windows
Vacuum/sweep and mop floor


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