Q: Is Charlie's Soap a "detergent" or a real "soap?"

A: Charlie's Soap is a blend of natural-based surfactants (detergents) derived from coconut and mineral oils, salts and water (Laundry Liquid) or pure washing soda (Laundry Powder).

Real soaps are made from heating a variety of oils treated with caustic soda (lye) or potash. Real soaps do not bind to water very well and thus have a tendency to leave a residue.

There is a good reason that it is called Charlie's Soap and not Charlie's Detergent. Almost 40 years ago, the product was first created for the textile industry. It worked so well that workers in the plants started stealing it.

They eventually found their way over to our office looking for it. Everyone in the textile plants knew Charlie Sutherland, Sr. They started calling it Charlie's "soap," not knowing the chemical difference between soaps and detergents. Charlie Sutherland, Jr. actually created the product, but it's not his name on the bottle.

After years of trying to name the product everything under the sun, the name "Charlie's Soap" just stuck.

Q: Does Charlie’s Soap test on animals?


  • We have not performed any in-house nor paid for any animal testing of our products.
  • To the best of our knowledge and sources of information, none of our raw materials have been tested on animals either.
  • It is, however, difficult to be sure of the total history of the raw materials.
  • We do not have any animal-based raw materials.

Q: Can I use Charlie’s Soap with other cleaners and detergents?


  • If you add other detergents to Charlie’s Soap, chances are you will make a lot of suds while the two battle it out, but your clothes and surfaces will not come clean. But there are a few products you CAN add to Charlie’s Soap:
  • You can add chlorine bleach or oxygen bleach to your wash cycle. You can also add 1 tsp of chlorine bleach (1 tbsp of oxygen bleach) to a quart-sized sprayer of Charlie’s Soap Indoor / Outdoor or Kitchen & Bath to add disinfecting capabilities.
  • You can add oxygen bleaches to your wash.