How To Wash Your Reusable Face Masks Using Charlie's Soap

September 03, 2020

How To Wash Your Reusable Face Masks Using Charlie's Soap

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The use of face masks in indoor spaces is becoming increasingly common worldwide. While some people rely on disposable masks, many people are choosing a more eco-friendly option- reusable face masks. The CDC recommends that reusable face masks be cleaned after each use, but not everyone is in a position to be doing a load of laundry each day. Handwashing your face masks could be a better option if you live on your own or don't have access to a washing machine. Also, if you have allergies or sensitive skin, you may want to consider a hypoallergenic, unscented laundry detergent, like Charlie's Soap. Here is a step by step guide on how to wash your reusable face mask with our liquid laundry detergent.


You'll need:

  • A bowl
  • Detergent (you can use liquid or powder)
  • Water (duh!)


Fill the bowl with warm to hot water

Add mask(s) to bowl

Pour a small amount of detergent into the bowl

Create a lather by agitating with your hands or by using a spoon (especially if the water is hot!)

Let sit 

Rinse face masks under the tap and fill with fresh water

Let sit

Remove water from bowl and squeeze out any excess water from the face mask(s). Lay the face mask(s) flat to dry on a clean towel. Do not hang to dry by the elastic- this could cause the elastic to stretch out or break. Once dry, store your mask in a clean location.

Check out our video tutorial below! 

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