Featured Retailer: Misty River Alternatives

July 07, 2021

Featured Retailer: Misty River Alternatives

Early in 2006, sisters Mary & Naomi Martin were looking for more work. Both had part-time jobs, but they were ready to take on something more. An opportunity for them to take on a small vitamin store in Emo was presented to them by a friend. She was sure it was something suited to the sisters. Though dubious, they pondered, explored and discussed and, as the doors opened one at a time, they continued. And it has been growing steadily every year since! Their first location was on Front Street, which is a one-sided business section because on the other side of the street is the Rainy River. So it seemed the store’s name should mention the river. Many names were tossed around in the family, with their mother’s suggestion of Misty River pleasing them best.

They started mostly with supplements, some personal care items, essential oils, herbal teas and a few snacks. Then, they added some specialty items such as Nighswander’s locally baked goods, maple syrup and fermented summer sausage from Southern Ontario. They gradually added more and more foods (gluten-free, dairy-free, organic, keto) and beverages. They herbal tea selection has expanded over the years as well.
Says the sisters, "We enjoy serving our customers; helping them find the products they are needing to live healthier lives."

We are so pleased that they've decided to add Charlie's Soap to their shop! You can find Misty River Alternatives at 133 Colonization Road in Emo, Ontario.

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