Charlie's Soap Indoor/Outdoor Cleaner Tire Rims Testimonial

August 20, 2019

Charlie's Soap Indoor/Outdoor Cleaner Tire Rims Testimonial

I'll be the first to admit that I am terrible at taking care of my vehicle. I forget about oil changes and other important things and tend to just crank the volume on the radio when something doesn't sound right! Needless to say, last time I needed work on my brakes, it was because I had worn the pad down until it had actually disintegrated. Yes, it was that bad. As a badge of shame, the rim closest to that brake had turned a yucky rust colour from all the sparks that my none existent pads were generating. Cosmetically, my car is a mess!

I had hoped there would be some sort of solution for returning my rim to its previous glory, but everyone I talked to said it would be stained forever. Bummer. And so, I spent months driving around with that ugly rim, destined to be stuck with it until I could finally afford a new car. Which for me means years!

A few weeks ago, on a swelteringly hot Saturday, my boyfriend and I decided to give both our vehicles a deep clean in the driveway. I'm not going to lie, I hadn't properly washed my car in over a year. As I said, I don't exactly take care of my vehicle. I had brought home a bottle of Charlie's Soap Indoor/Outdoor Surface cleaner so that my boyfriend could use it to clean his engine, so we had it out on the front step. I figured it was worth a shot to at least try it on my rust coloured rim. What harm could it do? I sprayed it all over the rim and let it sit for about 40 minutes while we vacuumed and wiped down the insides of our vehicles. I didn't tell my boyfriend that I was trying it out in case nothing happened.

He started to spray the cars with the pressure washer. I noticed that there was already some rusty coloured liquid dripping down my ugly rim- surely that must be a good sign? He slowly worked around the vehicle, until he eventually began to spray the rim. Immediately, chunks of the previously hardened gunk began to fly off.

"Sweet!" I exclaimed. He continued to spray the rim as more and more of the rust colour began to disappear.

"I didn't think that would come off!" he said. "Not just with water."

Time for me to fess up. "Well, when we first got out here, I sprayed it with Charlie's Soap Indoor/Outdoor cleaner. I noticed it was starting to work before you even began spraying it with the pressure washer.

He picked up the bottle. "Hmm. I'll definitely have to try it on my vehicle now!"


Disclaimer: The author of this testimonial works for Provada Incorporated, the official Canadian distributors of Charlie's Soap. 

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