6 Reasons Why You Should Be Airdrying Laundry

May 22, 2020

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Airdrying Laundry

With nice weather finally on the way, it's time to ditch the dryer and let Mother Nature do her thing! Here are 6 reasons why you should be airdrying laundry!

Airdrying saves energy

  • Not only is it better for the environment, but you are also saving money. It's a win-win!

Airdrying prevents wrinkles

  • As long as clothes and sheets are hung properly they'll dry wrinkle-free!

Airdrying makes clothes last longer

  • The high heat and tumbling can cause certain fabrics to wear down quicker

Airdrying means no dryer sheets!

  • Dryer sheets are full of harsh chemicals and cannot be recycled. One less item in the landfills!

Airdrying also means no static cling!

  • Tumbling clothes rubbing against each other build electrostatic charges. Using a clothesline or drying rack will eliminate this!

Airdrying leaves your clothes smelling great

  • Fresh air means fresh clothes, without added perfumes and chemicals. Mmmm! 

So get outside (if you can!) and take advantage of the nice weather while getting part of your laundry done!

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