5 Tips For An Ecofriendly Fall Yard Cleanup

September 28, 2021

5 Tips For An Ecofriendly Fall Yard Cleanup

Crisper days, a change in colours, pumpkin spice everything- yes autumn is definitely here! With cooler months around the corner, now is the time to get your outdoor space tidied up, in a way that doesn't harm the environment.  Read on for five tips on how to do an eco-friendly fall yard cleanup.


Rake up leaves so that they don't smother the grass under heavy snowfalls. You can, however, run your lawnmower over them to use as mulch on your lawn or in your gardens. Otherwise, use them as compost
or take them to your local yard waste centre.

Bonus: Bring clean leaves inside for eco-friendly autumn decor.


Weeds, leaves and plants are inviting spots for unwanted critters to settle in during the long winter months. Clear out flower and vegetable beds by removing dead foliage and raking out any leaves that may have fallen in. But don't toss them in the garbage! Layer them into your compost heap or dispose of them at your local yard-waste drop-off point.
Do you grow perennials? Cut back any dead or damaged parts and divide any plants that have grown in size. Depending on where you live, you might want to also cover your plants in old sheets or burlap to protect them from harsh winter climates.

Bonus: Some spring bulbs, like tulips, are best planted in the autumn months as they need a cold period to bloom.

Trees and shrubs

Cut back any dead or dying branches or stems to avoid breakage in the ice or heavy snowfall. Add the mulch from your leave raking to the bases of your trees to nourish them during the winter.

Bonus: You can also plant new shrubs and trees in the fall as long as you surround them with mulch for insulation.


Prevent mould and mildew by using a pressure washer and an eco-friendly outdoor cleaner to spray down your deck and patio.
Wipe down patio furniture with a biodegradable cleaner and cover or store them in a shed or garage.

Bonus: Spot treat cushions with an eco-friendly stain remover and store them in a dry place to avoid mildew.


Make sure the rain gutters and eavestroughs are clean and free of debris. Check that outdoor taps are off and drain the water from any hoses or fountains.

Bonus: Hang Christmas lights while you're up near the eavestroughs, so you aren't stuck doing it when the temperature drops!


Are there any other cleanup tips you have? Share them with us in the comments below!


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