5 Ideas for a more eco-friendly Christmas

December 13, 2019

5 Ideas for a more eco-friendly Christmas

Christmas is a time of joy and laughter, spent with friends and family. I think we can all admit, however, that the holidays tend to get a bad rap for being overly wasteful! This doesn't mean we should cut out celebrating altogether. Thankfully there are some ways to minimize your impact while still enjoying the holidays. Here are some tips:

Real tree vs fake

Did you know that a real tree is more environmentally friendly than an artificial one? After the holiday is over, make sure you recycle your tree so that it doesn't end up in a landfill. Even better, stick it in your backyard so that squirrels, chipmunks and birds have a place to hang out!
Already have a potted plant in your home? Why not use it as a Christmas tree! You'll save money plus precious living room square footage if you are living in a small space!


Reuse decorations year after year and try to avoid materials that can't be recycled or composted. Or, you could try making your own from fabric, wood and even dried citrus!


I'm sure we can all agree that Christmas has become heavily commercialized over the years. Rather than put yourself into debt by buying mounds of presents that aren't needed, focus on items that the recipient will find meaningful and appreciate. Try gifting an experience, such as tickets to a concert or play.

Wrapping gifts

Tons of wrapping paper end up in our landfills each year. Wrap your gifts with paper that can be recycled or save it for next Christmas. You can also use newspaper or fabric!


Eyes bigger than your stomach? Don't toss the extras- freeze them for leftovers or create a yummy soup or stew!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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