10 Cleaning tips for tackling your fall clean up

October 15, 2018

10 Cleaning tips for tackling your fall clean up

You've heard of spring cleaning, but what about fall clean up? The beginning of the season is the perfect time to get your home ready before the inevitable arrival of winter when cold weather puts a damper on some of your household chores. Plus, many people host family and friends throughout the holiday season.
Get your home ready both inside and out for winter with these fall cleaning tips!

1. Tidy the yard
Cut the grass, rake and compost leaves and clean up the flower beds. You'll thank yourself in the spring when the snow melts and your yard is ready to go!

Garden tools ready for fall clean up
2. Clean the eavestrough
It's a good idea to do this twice a year and is best to clean when it hasn't rained in a few days. Make sure you have someone holding the ladder while you do this - better safe than sorry!

3. Store summer items
Put patio furniture, garden decorations and children's summer toys in your garage or shed. They will last longer shielded from harsh winter weather.

Patio furniture on lawn

4. Put up Christmas lights
It may be months away, but hear us out! If you string up the lights now, you'll save yourself numb hands and a frozen face. Just don't turn the lights on until it's actually the holiday season!

5. Deep clean the kitchen
Your family will be spending a lot of time here during the holidays, prepping food and socializing, so you may as well start cleaning it now. Pull out your appliances and vacuum up the crumbs and dust bunnies in behind. Go through your fridge and toss out expired products and leftovers- this will help make room for all of the extra holiday goodies! Wipe down shelves, clean off the tops of cupboards and wash the walls. When the time comes closer, it'll be one less thing to have on your holiday to-do list! Make sure you use an eco-friendly cleaner like Charlie's Soap Indoor Outdoor Surface cleaner!

Cleaning the kitchen

6. Flip the mattresses
Clean, deodorize and flip every mattress in your home. While you're at it move the boxspring and clean under there too.

7. Launder all the bedding and coverings
Take comforters out of storage and wash duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases. If you use tablecloths and napkins, wash those too. Don't forget about your curtains- they are often overlooked but catch all kinds of dirt! Use a hypoallergenic detergent like Charlie's Soap in case any of your guests have perfume allergies.


8. Steam your carpets
If you have carpet, hire a professional or rent a carpet cleaner. Just make sure you go with an eco-friendly one!

9. Wash the windows
Remove and rinse off screens, and clean the glass inside and out for sparkling windows.


10. Dust the baseboards
Once again, the baseboards are another area that is often overlooked but can get pretty grimy. Dust along the edges and wipe with a damp cloth if needed.

Now, grab a blanket, a good read and a hot beverage (or glass of wine) and relax!

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